ARTICLE 1. ORGANISER The Chartreuse Trail Festival is organized by the Chartreuse Sports Nature association, Act1901 (SIRET: 530 605 955 00018). The Chartreuse Sports Nature Association was founded in 2011 with the aim of organizing and promoting mountain running as well as ski touring.

Friday, May 22, 2020:
THE VERTICAL KILOMETRE (4km +900m Elevation), Mass Start at 16:00 at Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse, at the dairy (down-hill from the village centre, 500m from the bridge at La Diat).
Authorized registration for runners born in 2002 or earlier.
Saturday, May 23, 2020:
SKY TRAIL (26km – 1900m Elevation), Start at 8:00, authorized registration for runners born in 1998 or earlier.
– COLOR TRAIL (5km – 100m Elevation), Start at 18:00, authorized registration for runners born in 2004 or earlier. Children accompanied by adults are allowed.
The Start/Finish will be in front of the RAIDLIGHT-VERTICAL building in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse.
The organizer keep the right to modify the itinerary or the start times according to the weather conditions, or even to cancel the planned events without any refund.
Sunday, May 24, 2020:
LE MARATOUR (42km – 2530m Elevation), Start at 8:00. Authorized registration for runners born in 1998 or earlier.
– THE SEMI TRAIL (21km – 1240m Elevation), Start at 9:00. Authorized registration for runners born in 2000 or earlier.
– LE FESTI’TRAIL 12km – 520m Elevation, Start at 10:00. Authorized registration for runners born in 2002 or earlier (open hiking trail, not timed, free start).
The Start/Finish will be in front of the RAIDLIGHT-VERTICAL building in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse.
Race bibs can be collected at the Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse Festival Hall:
– from 14:00 to 16:00 on Friday 18 May
– from 7:00 on Saturday 19 May and until 30 minutes before the start of the race
– from 7:00 on Sunday 20 May and until 30 minutes before the start of the race
The organizer keep the right to modify the itinerary or the departure times according to the weather conditions, or even to cancel the planned events without any refund.
Information about the races on

ARTICLE 3. GENERAL CONDITIONS The “Chartreuse Trail Festival” will be conducted in accordance with these regulations, the FFA and non-stadium races. All competitors agree to comply with these regulations by the mere fact of their registration and by signing the registration form and release of responsibility by the organisers for any incident or accident that may occur as a result of non-compliance with the regulations. You will run in the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse which contains unique natural environments for animal and vegetable species. To help preserve the biodiversity of these sites, please be discreet, stay on the trails and do not drop any litter. To prevent erosion and secure the future of the race it is forbidden to cut corners and paths.

ARTICLE 4. CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION The “Chartreuse Trail Festival” is open to all, men or women, licensed or not. The minimum age for participation varies according to the event, see Article 2. The “Chartreuse Trail Festival” is reserved for experienced runners, in very good physical condition and able to run alone for several hours on steep mountain trails and in conditions that can be made difficult by the weather situation. The following are required: – Either a medical certificate mentioning “no contra-indication to the practice of running in competition”, issued less than one year before the date of the event (or photocopy), – One of the following sports licenses recognized by the FFA 2020 competition season (mentioning a medical certificate) FFA. For foreign runners, the medical certificate is compulsory even with a competition license issued by a federation affiliated to the IAAF and Must be in French or transmitted with a certified translation. The cancellation of entries is subject to the presentation of a valid document as described above. No refunds will be possible in this circumstance.

ARTICLE 5. ENTRIES The race is limited to 1500 participants. Registration will be made: – by Internet with secure payment on the platform: – On the day if the quota of 1500 entrants is not reached, food by reservation – by mail, sending the registration form to Trail Festival 2020 – 22/23/24 May 2020. Entries will be stopped without prior notice when the maximum number of places available is reached (1500). The prices of the races are as follows: – Vertical Kilometre: 12€ – Trail 42Km = 37€ – Trail 21Km = 22€ – Trail 12Km = 12€ – SkyTrail 26Km = 27€ – ColorTrail 5Km = 15€. All prices are valid until 30th April 2020, + 3€ from 1 to 21 May 2020, + 8€ the day of the race. It is possible to book food at the price of 9 euros per meal at the time of registration. On site, additional food will only be sold within the limits of availability.

ARTICLE 6. CANCELLATION Any person who is unable to participate in the race for medical reasons (on presentation of a medical certificate) and who signs it before May 1, 2020 will be refunded with a deduction of 5 euros costs. Anyone unable to participate in the race for medical reasons (on presentation of a medical certificate) and notifying it before May 10, 2018 will be refunded 50% minus 5 euros costs. After May 10, 2020, no refund will be possible.

ARTICLE 7. RESULTS AND PRIZES For each event prizes based on the timed results will be awarded at: – 16:30 for the KMV Thursday at the Salle des fêtes in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse – 12:00 for the trails on Saturday, May 20th at the Salle des fêtes in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse – 12:00 for the Sky Trail on Friday at the Salle des fêtes in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. It is expected to provide prizes for participants in fancy dress at the KMV on Thursday. There is no specific classification for Para athletes.

ARTICLE 8. MARKING The course marking will be with biodegradable tape as well as biodegradable paint. On the few sections open to traffic, the competitor must comply with the highway code. Marshalls will be at the most problematic points. barriers will be present to secure the course. Also the courses will be cleared afterwards.

ARTICLE 9. CONTROL STATIONS AND TIME BARRIERS Checkpoints shall be used to guide and verify that the runners are on the correct course. In the event of non-respect of the route or missing checkpoints, the participant will be disqualified. Cut off times will be set up and can be consulted on the race website. They could be adapted on the day of the race depending on weather conditions and without notice.

ARTICLE 10. FEED STATIONS Several refreshments will be available (water, Energy/hot drinks and food). However, it will be up to each competitor to have his own supply of energy and water. Assistance/refueling outside of Feed Stations is not permitted.

ARTICLE 11. COMPULSORY EQUIPMENT For all races (except the 12km and the COLOR TRAIL) you must be in possession of the following: -a minimum of 0.5Litres of water – a survival blanket, – a whistle – a card specifying any current medical treatment in progress/allergies. The organization strongly recommends the following equipment: – Running Pack or Bottle Belt, – Trail Shoes – Warm clothes (Hat, gloves, full leg cover) – mobile phone – emergency food. A competitor not equipped with these items may be refused to start by the race committee. Unannounced checks may be carried out throughout the course by the organization and entail the disqualification of any participant who is not in possession of the compulsory equipment.

ARTICLE 12. SAFETY The runner is the first link in safety and undertakes their own safety in the mountains. In the event of an accident of a competitor, Every participant undertakes to safely rescue and to contact as quickly as possible the race director or a member of the organization. If the weather conditions, physical condition or bad behavior of a competitor so require, the marshals, medical team, and/or the race committee have the authority to retire a competitor. In the event of abandonment, the runner must inform a checkpoint and hand in his race number upon arrival. If a competitor decides to abandon without warning of abandonment and the organization conducts searches, legal proceedings may be instituted against him for the reimbursement of the expenses incurred. A medical team will be present at the start of the races.

ARTICLE 13. INSURANCE The Chartreuse de Trail association has taken out civil liability insurance n ° 47 064 589 04 with regard to the organization and coverage of the event. The organization advises each competitor to be in possession of liability insurance and repatriation insurance, search and rescue costs.

ARTICLE 14- ANTI-DOPING CONTROL Participants shall strictly respect the doping ban and provisions regarding doping controls, as they result from laws and regulations, including articles and L.230-1 and following the Code of Sport. Participants agree to submit to any doping control.

ARTICLE 15 – RACE COMMITTEE It is composed of: – the race director – the president of the association Station de Trail – the coordinator of the event – and any person chosen for his competence by the race director. The race committee is to make all decisions for the smooth running of the race and to rule within the time limit compatible with the requirements of the race on all claims made during the race. The decisions are final.

ARTICLE 16 – RIGHT TO IMAGE, PRIVACY Photographers or Videographers approved by the organization will be present during the race to make reports or videos. Any competitor expressly waives the right to their image during the event, and waives all recourse against the organizer and his authorized partners for the use of their image or the data concerning them .

ARTICLE 17 – SETTLEMENT DEFAULT These rules and regulations are based on the regulations and FFA Prefecture known to date. Should the regulations change, we would be required to implement and change the regulations and organization of the Chartreuse Trail Festival to reflect any new developments. For any matter not provided for in these regulations, the race committee will rule on the decision.